Alice and Olivia by Stacey Bendet

I first fell in LOVE with A&O when I was at bloomingdales in NYC. There was this dress with black, leather, cap sleeves and black lace. It was truly a fashionista’s perfection. I, unfortunately, did not end up buying the dress since it was over my price range at the time BUT since spotting this black dress, I have been (just a little) obsessed with the brand and here’s why….

Stacey Bendet started the brand because she desired to create the perfect pair of pants and has since expanded into a full collection of clothes. Her story is really like no other because Bendet had no prior fashion training or experience.

Stacey, just fresh out of college, started working with Elliot Levine who had a few start-up clothing brands. She was bored sometimes and went to one of their pattern-makers because she was interested in making her own pair of pants. A black slim-fitting pair of pants was the result and Stacey was often stopped at parties, on the street, or just about anywhere for compliments on her pants. This sparked her inspiration for her clothing brand.

Her iconic symbol – the black punk eye makeup and red lip almost resembles a modern day Disney heroine. I think her symbol is a reflection of herself which represents her company since so much of her fashion incorporates an artistic side to it.



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