Cali Vibes

Cali Vibes

If only I was in California and on the beach shooting this outfit – then these pictures would be perfect! But the STL History museum will have to do for now.

I feel as if this outfit just screams California Vibes – the Zara pleated, white, blue and black bow top with the flare-out white jeans would be wonderful to wear for an evening out by the BEACH. I image myself walking on the sand, holding these black, mule shoes.

Adding the red lip color gives this entire look a needed POP of color. This shirt was a must-buy because of the black bows on the shoulders. I bought the shirt last spring of 2017 and knew it would still be wearable for some time. The top can be worn ALL year since in the winter I put a long-sleeve, plain, black shirt under it. Or if I’m feeling more sassy I’ll wear a plaid, long sleeve top to bring out my inner fashionista.

Having a CLUTCH is a MUST because it’s an evening “purse” or accessory and gives any outfit a more elegant vibe. I didn’t add a purse since I didn’t want anything to distract from showing off the shirt and messing up the black bows.


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