Clementine’s Naughty & Nice Ice Cream

Clementine’s Naughty & Nice Ice Cream

The BEST ice cream shop in STL is Clementine’s because there’s the “nice” flavors & then there’s the “naughty” flavors….

All the non-diary flavors are part of the “nice” flavors, the coconut chocolate fudge is a must have! It’s so rich in chocolate I suggest having water to sip while you eat the chocolate ice cream. The cashew caramel is another delicious non-dairy flavor to try. I’ve never been a big fan of salted caramel flavor anything BUT at Clementine’s my inner sweet tooth just craves the flavor. It combines a date-caramel, salt and the cashews to create an equivalent to a “normal” salted caramel ice cream.

I’m also a BIG fan of the decorations at Clementine’s. It has this old-time vibe with the chalk-board, and the intricate details anyone would just adore this ice cream place. All the ice cream flavors are home-made and uses local ingredients.

What makes Clementine’s special is there “naughty” flavors which incorporates alcohol like whiskey, champagne, rum, etc. I’ve never tried their naughty flavors, however many of my friends say you cannot even taste the alcohol because the other ingredients in the ice cream hides the alcohol so well. So if you ever decide to try the naughty flavor then be careful you will probably end up feeling pretty good after eating your ice cream…..


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