Fashion Brands Which Banned Mohair

Fashion Brands Which Banned Mohair

Zara, H&M, Anthropologie, Old Navy, Express, Athleta, Gap, Topshop & Banana Republic recently banned Mohair from their clothes.

Lets first discuss what exactly mohair is. Mohair is the long, silky hair from a goat. It’s usually made into a fabric or yarn which can eventually be made into wool. Mohair is most commonly used in sweaters, hats and other fluffy accessories.

In early May, the Washington Post broke the news to the world about some of the largest fashion brands that vowed to stop selling Mohair clothes since there was a suspected claim of animal cruelty on goat farms in South Africa. There was video footage of goats being dragged by their horns and legs, being lifted by their tails and goats being thrown across the floor.

Shearers are paid by VOLUME NOT by the HOUR, so this causes them to work quickly and also carelessly. This leads the goats to being abused and makes the overall environment not pleasant. All the fashion brands listed above have noted the animal abuse and have now banned ALL MOHAIR products from their apparel. Let’s hope other leading fashion brands will step up to the plate and band mohair!


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