HELLO Smoothie & Juice Bar

HELLO Smoothie & Juice Bar

Hello is a plant-based cafe which opened a week before I left for Omaha. I wanted to grab a smoothie bowl before I left so I went with my friend Katie.

Smoothie bowls are becoming a new trend which I’ve noticed more and more smoothie/juice bars popping up throughout the country. “Power to the plants” is what Hello is all about. Their menu ranges from freshly squeezed juices to hand-made, beautifully put together smoothie bowls. It took about 7-10 minutes for Katie and I to decide what we wanted from the menu.

I honestly wanted to try EVERYTHING but I certainly didn’t bring enough cash to get a taste of every smoothie bowl. So I went with the Cherry Cacao bowl. I was in the mood for something sweet (the fruit part of the bowl) yet I also desired something bitter (the cacao/chocolate part of the bowl). It was absolutely delicious!!!

The vibe to this cafe is what makes this place complete! PLANTS are spread throughout the entire restaurant and the door was wide open thus there was so much fresh air in the whole cafe. I defiantly desire to go back when I visit St. Louis.

Smoothie bowls are simply just smoothies that are spooned out of a bowl to provide you with long-lasting energy. Their are endless options to pick from and you can’t forget about ALL the options to top your bowl with. These bowls are also 100% GITBB approved healthy because these smoothies are nutrient and protein dense. Some cafe’s have smoothie bowls that incorporate kale, acai, or hemp seeds which are super foods to provide you with energy all day. There are so many options to choose from – you can never get bored of your breakfast again!


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