OK Home Isn’t That Bad …

OK Home Isn’t That Bad …

Sadly, summer has finally come to an end.

I spent mostly my entire summer in St. Louis – my last summer at home! I worked at my neighborhood taco joint and I also babysat. It was so nice to spend time with family and as being an only child my parents were pleased to have me at home.

Since it was my last night in the Lou I went to¬†dinner with friends. It can often be challenging to find vegan options at Italian restaurants BUT there’s this pasta dish with mushroom broth which is then topped with spinach. It was so delicious and the perfect way to end summer.

Seriously cannot believe I’ll be entering my junior year of college, it feels like yesterday I was just entering Freshmen year of college and moving into the dorm. The next 2 years I’ll be living in a house with my freshmen year roommate – Maria & my sophomore year roommate – Clare. They’ve been through it all with me and I couldn’t ask for better, supportive friends by my side.

If I’m being totally honest, I’ve had the MOST INTERESTING past 2 years at Creighton. I won’t explain my experiences and journey on the blog since some things are confidential BUT I will say that I am a much DIFFERENT person than I was 2 years ago entering college. The past 2 years, I went through MANY life experiences and dealt with many different people. YET, if it wasn’t for those experiences I don’t think I would be as centered as I am today. I learned a lot about life and I’ve never been this HAPPY every before.

If it wasn’t for those experiences then I wouldn’t have created Girl in the Black Bow. So I hope you can enjoy this lifestyle blog as much as I do because it brings so much joy to my life. I do ADORE fashion, vegan food and writing – those are my side passions while I study nursing.


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