Trendy Trends

Trendy Trends

I have to say Topshop is one of those stores where you can find many trendy items. They usually have ok quality clothes at somewhat of a reasonable price.

I only really shop at Topshop when I go into Nordstrom’s. I can usually pick out a few items that are trendy yet, I will still be able to wear them even though they might not be the “hottest trend” of the season. Finding essential and classic items for your wardrobe can often be hard sometimes. As you enter a store, you see a gorgeous skirt that catches your eye, the skirt is definitely part of the latest trend, however will this skirt still be appropriate to wear in 3 or 5 years? Well, this depends if the trend will still be in.

Whenever I shop, I always think to myself “quality over quantity” because I rather have a few nice items in my closet which I can wear over and over again (but still be able to accessorize & keep up with the latest trend). Then a lot of clothes which I can only wear a few times, since those items of clothes were the “hottest trend” when I bought them. Once you have a nice basic closet then I suggest you add a pop of color or some fun jewelry to make a simple but classic outfit stand out. For instance whenever I flip through fashion magazines or scroll through different clothing stores online, the models are always way more dramatic with their fashion, makeup and hair because the designer WANTS his or her fashion to be different and stand out.

Isn’t fashion an art form? I definitely think it is! It’s always so fun to look through all the fashion magazines and pick out different, new trends. One model might have five different items of clothes which represent new and exciting trends. Yet, maybe only one of the items of clothes on the model is a trend which works for your style. A lot of time I see people try to interpret all five of the trends. But is that actually being fashionable when you’re just copying the designer’s style? I believe fashion is an art form, in which everyone has their own canvas and therefore creates their own art work. It takes time and effort to scroll through all the clothes on websites and pick what trend works for you. Just like an artist, creating a masterpiece can’t be done within 5 minutes. Thus, I suggest picking trends which works for you and playing around with different items of clothing in your closet to form your own style.


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