Skirts Worth Working (out) for & Tips to Staying Fit on a Tight Schedule

Skirts Worth Working (out) for & Tips to Staying Fit on a Tight Schedule

Here are Girl in the Black Bow’s favorite skirts for this summer!

If you’re looking for a preppy skirt for the summer then this gingham, wrap skirt from J. Crew is a great option! It’s a lovely item to have in your wardrobe because it’s a classic design which can easily go with any shirt. I love how there’s a ruffle at the edge of the skirt which adds a little bit of a sassy vibe.

gingham wrap skirt Ruffle mini skirt in gingham 

The retro-inspired vegan leather mini skirt from Free People has an exposed zipper on the back with two front pockets. RED is going to be a very popular color of the fall season and what girl can go wrong with having a faux leather mini skirt with the bright color red. Wearing a black and white top would make the skirt stand out and be the center of your outfit!

retro-inspired vegan leather mini skirt

             Vegan leather mini skirt 

This patchwork and pleated skirt from Zara is an interesting design because it combines different patterns to make this fun skirt. I love how on the front there’s stripes and on the back there’s a polk-a-dot pattern. Two very trendy designs made into this ideal skirt for the summer. It can bring out the trendy, bad girl side in anyone.

pleated skirt

Sequin ruffled skirt 

The black and white embroidery skirt from Zara is such a classic look. The detailed design to the skirt is beautiful. Wearing a white, embroidered top with it would add a nice and soft touch.

white embroidery skirt

Skirt with contrasting embroidery & perforations

Tips to staying fit on a tight schedule:

  1. TIME MANAGEMENT is very important! It’s always crucial to make time for working out. For example, if you wake up 30 minutes before work or wherever you have to go, then you won’t have time to eat a good breakfast or give your body a proper wake-up. Instead wake up an hour before starting your day. This way you can get in a warm cup of coffee into your system and therefore wake up properly. Also, with giving yourself extra time in the morning you will likely be able to do some work-out exercises. It may only be 10 mins of work-out exercises but a 10 minute abb workout is better than no abb workout at all.
  2. SIGN UP for workout classes the NIGHT BEFORE. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys workout classes rather than the gym (cause same!) then I suggest signing up for the classes the day before. This way, you can easily plan your day and not be so stressed. When I wait til the day-of, I can find so many excuses to avoid going and all of a sudden it’s 9 p.m. and I still haven’t worked out.
  3. FIND a workout which you will ENJOY. So many people force themselves into doing a workout which they hate. If you’re not happy while working out then there’s really no point. When you exercise, you release endorphins. These endorphins trigger the brain into giving a positive feeling throughout the brain. So, try to find an exercise program which will always trigger the endorphins and thus you can easily be a happier person.


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