The Importance of Alone Time

The Importance of Alone Time

Over the years I have learned the importance and the impact of alone time. I want to share a piece of my soul on here…

Alone time to me does not mean separating yourself from society or staying within your comfort zone. Instead, it is something which you can wiggle your way back and focus on being centered. Alone time means finding inner peace with YOURSELF. It is something that is special to only you, it lets you reflect your positive vibes onto yourself and therefore gives off positive vibes to other people. Alone time expresses how you would like to spend your time and who you would like to spend your time with. If someone does not warm your soul and makes you feel off centered maybe it’s best so gear away from that particular person.

I personally think alone time is so important for everyone to experience PROPERLY because it gives you time to really think about yourself and the people you associate yourself with. Feeling centered and positive about yourself is so vitally important nowadays. There’s always something new to accomplish or something new happening and so crawling back into your centered mind, body and soul will only help YOU live life to it’s fullest.

I used to detest alone time because it made me feel restless and I thought I had to always be doing something. I would quickly call a friend to occupy my time but now I wish I had MORE alone time. Appreciate the time given to you when you can because one day soon you’ll wish you had more time to reflect on life and your journey through it.


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