Waffles With A Dash Of Cinnamon

Waffles With A Dash Of Cinnamon

Vegans can enjoy delicious foods! Since being in college, I have a hard time finding time in my busy schedule to cook breakfast. This is why I love buying the 365 multi-grain waffles so that I can pop some waffles in the microwave, oven or toaster oven and have delicious but healthy waffles in minutes.

As a loyal vegan, I don’t eat honey – which I miss oh so very much – I swap out pouring honey on the waffles for maple syrup, which in my opinion is sweeter. I also always dash some cinnamon on my morning breakfast to add healthy spices to the meal. Cinnamon can improve brain activity, which boosts cognitive processing therefore cinnamon enhances your memory, attention, and visual/motor speed.


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