Why I Choose To Be Plant-Based

Why I Choose To Be Plant-Based

Usually after telling someone I’m vegan, they almost immediately ask “Are your parents vegan too?” No, my parents are not vegan & no, I wasn’t raised a vegan. I choose to not eat dairy or meat.

With that cleared up lets discuss why I decided to “force” myself into not eating dairy or meat. Actually I’ve been into the whole “eating clean and healthy” thing every since I was into ballet/dance. Since I was exercising so much I needed to fuel my body with long-lasting energy. Naturally, I started gradually turning away from dairy and meat to eating more whole grains and easy, accessible fruits/veggies. I was vegetarian for a year before going full on plant-based.

Originally a friend convinced me to try out veganism, so I came home one night and told my mom I was plant-based. (It was extremely easy for me to make the switch to veganism because I was already vegetarian and I never liked cheese. The only dairy I was eating was yogurt and ice cream). My parents did what any parents would have and tried to argue with me about the health risk of going vegan. So this lead me to doing more intense research about this so-called “fad diet” I was giving a try.

I started watching vegan/plant-based movies. Soon, I became a typical vegan-nerd. With the movies – Forks over Knives, Cowspiracy, What the Health, Okja, and Veducated, I learned plenty of info about becoming plant-based and vegan and what this diet was really about. Most importantly, I learned plant-based and vegan mean two different things. PLANT-BASED is when you cut out animal products from your DIET. Rather than, VEGAN is when you cut out animal products from your LIFESTYLE.

After learning about how animal products not only affect our bodies, but also the environment and the mental compass we as humans block. I realized I was actually passionate about this. The “plant-based fad diet” had now turned into a lifestyle. All I wanted to do was help this movement. In the past, I had made fun of vegans but now I totally understood what these “weird vegans” were fighting for. In a way, it kind of gave me an urge to do something about all the animal product problems.

Thus, veganism became one of my passions and something which has formed me into the person I am today. Veganism gave me life – something to live for. It has even influenced me to pick nursing as my major because I want to help people from a holistic viewpoint. Use my knowledge and passion to care for others.


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